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Обратите внимание на фразу из ниже приведенного текста: "It remained Russian until Napoleon's armies occupied it in 1807."
Сам контекст:
Maria died in 1575 but her death was kept secret for fear of a return of the East Frisians. Instead, Jever became one of Oldenburg's territories by last will of Maria. In 1667 Jever was through distaff passed under control of the Anhalt-Zerbst. After Prince Frederick August, who had supported the English in the American Revolutionary War for financial reasons, died in 1793, the male-line of Anhalt-Zerbst perished and its territories were split. Jeverland was then given to Catherine II of Russia, formerly Princess Sophia of Anhalt-Zerbst and Frederick August's sole surviving sibling. It remained Russian until Napoleon's armies occupied it in 1807. Between 1808 and 1810 it was part of the Kingdom of Holland, a Napoleonic vassal state. When the French were forced to withdraw in 1813, Russia regained possession of Jever and gave it to the new grand dukes of Oldenburg in 1818.

После того как принц Фредерик Август, по финансовым причинам поддержавший англичан в американской войне за независимость, в 1793 году умер, мужская линия Ангальт-Цербстских погибла, а его территории были разделены.
Когда французы были вынуждены в 1813 году уйти, Россия получила во владение Йевер и в 1818 году передала его новым великим князьям Ольденбургам.

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