chispa1707 (chispa1707) wrote,

Находки из Канзаса

This cranky fish, Xiphanctinus (Portheus) Molossus, once swam in the sea that covered much of present-day Kansas.

If you live in Kansas, especially if you live in northeast Kansas, find some time to explore the KU Natural History Museum. The museum does a wonderful job of exploring today’s plants and animals as well as the flora and fauna of Kansas’ prehistoric days. It’s also free (with a suggested donation). The museum offers events and programming throughout the year, too.

What fascinates me most are the fossils of the creatures that used to roam and swim in the area that is now Kansas. Gigantic land mammals that dwarf our modern buffalo and cows. Large, sharp-toothed fish that swam the seas in places that are now high plains and chalk beds. Some of the fossils on display at the KU Natural History Museum were found only a few miles away from Lawrence.

The complete skeleton of a 45-foot long mosasaur, which once swam in the sea that covered much of Kansas, greets you when you walk in the museum’s main entrance.

Found in Kansas, this skull, complete with tusks, belonged to a mammoth.

The short-legged rhinoceros wandered Kansas between 10 million and 5 million years ago.


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