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Византийская музыка

Оригинал взят у monten в Византийская музыка

Церковное пение

Нотация византийской церковной музыки представляет собой региональную разновидность невменной нотации. В ней обычно выделяют четыре типа, соответствующих четырём стадиям исторического развития системы:
- поздневизантийская и поствизантийская — в рукописях и раннепечатных книгах с начала XV в. до 1814 г.

Учебникъ по източно църковно пѣние - Мирчо М. Богоевъ - Болгария, 1940 г.
Отъ гръцка народностъ по-видни учители и съчинители на музикални творби:
- Петъръ Византиецъ (+ 1808 г.)
- Мануилъ Византиецъ (+ 1819 г.)
- Константинъ Византиецъ (+ 1862 г.)
- Петъръ Ефески (+ 1840 г.) - Родомъ отъ гр. Ефесъ, Мала Азия...
- Иоанъ Византиецъ (+ 1866 г.)

Petros Byzantios

Peter of Ephesus (+1840)

Gregory Protopsaltes the Byzantios
According to one tradition, Gregory was born in Constantinople on the same day that Peter Lambadarios the Peloponnesian died (1777 or 1778). His father was a priest, named George, and his mother's name was Helen. The surname «Levites», which is attributed to him, is probably incorrect, but was given to him because his father was a priest, a «Levite» in the Old Testament. The probable day for his death is the 23rd December 1821, when Constantine succeeded him as the Archcantor, but other sources talk about 1820 or, more often, 1822. In any case, he died very young, at the peak of his age and of his work; he was at most 43 years old.

From his youth he learned the Armenian language and music, because he liked going to the Armenian Church. In order to eloign him from there, his father sent him to the abbot of the Sinai Metochion at Valata, the Cretan Archandrite Jeremias, where Gregory learned the Greek letters and, because of his nice voice, became a Reader and a Cantor.

Manuel Chrysaphes I During the Fall
John of Trapezon 1727 10-4-1748
Daniel from Tyrnavon 11-4-1748 1765
Peter the Peloponnesian 1766 1777
Peter Byzantios 1778 1801
Manuel Byzantios 1802 1804
Gregory the Levite 1805 21-6-1819
Constantine Byzantios 22-6-1819 23-12-1822
Antony of Andrianoupolis 4-12-1822 1827
John Byzantios 1831 1855
Stephen Michael Byzantios 1856 1862
George Raidestinos II 1863 1-2-1871
Nikolas Stogiannis Byzantios 2- 2-1871 1-2-18

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