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Так значит в Каире 1857-58 годов были views of isolated ruins

Оригинал взят у bskamalov в Так значит в Каире 1857-58 годов были views of isolated ruins

Cairo from the East, from Lower Egypt, Thebes and the Pyramids
ca. 1857, published 1862

Francis Frith
English, 1822–1898

One of the most successful photographers of the nineteenth century, Frith made three pioneering trips to Egypt and the Near East in the 1850s to photograph ancient and modern sites. The first photographer to visit Egypt, Frith was encumbered by heavy, awkward equipment and extreme environmental conditions in the desert.

In England, great excitment was generated by his photographs of Egypt. The London Times lauded his photographs for their ability to "carry us far beyond anything that is in the power of the most accomplished artist to transfer to his canvas."

On Frith's second journey in 1857 and 1858, he spent time in Cairo, photographing mosques and street scenes. The crowded conditions of the city provide a stark contrast to the views of isolated ruins portrayed in many of ....

Странно как то ставить так близко  к большой куче мусора  стены города  ... или "культурный слой" выносили за город ?
Да и сами стены интересны ... ведь сделаны из крупняка как и пирамиды.
Что то разрушило и засыпало Каир, а в 1857-58 годах мы видим период восстановления и выноса мусора за город ?

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